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My neighbor grills near my window

My neighbor has a backyard, but continues to grill on the sidewalk near my window. My asthma is exasperated whenever this grilling activity is near as the smoke gets into my home. Is there anything in the code to stop this neglect against air quality and health?

Yes. Interestingly, this isn’t so much an air quality issue as a fire code issue – portable outdoor grills, whether charcoal, electric, or gas-fueled, fall under jurisdiction of the NYC Fire Code. According to Section 307.5, if the neighbor in question is grilling less than 10 feet from buildings, walls, furniture, or anything other combustible material, this would be grounds for a violation.

In addition, as discussed in a previous Decoder article, grilling on the sidewalk in general is not permitted by the Fire Code and is a sidewalk obstruction, so this may also be a grounds for violation.

Such violations can be reported by dialing 311.

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