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DOB Works Overtime

Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the DOB during normal business hours. Small Business Night, Homeowners Night and Get Back to Building are geared to alleviate the DOB’s overwhelming backlog of application and permit requests by keeping its doors open late.

Homeowner’s Night

Every Tuesday from 4pm to 7pm the DOB will keep their doors open for homeowners and residents as part of Homeowner’s Night. DOB experts offer homeowners guidance on construction plans, permit processes, reducing energy costs, home transactions, certificates of occupancy and uses of the BIS system. The service is free and no appointment is required.

Small Business Owner’s Night

Upon the success of Homeowner’s Night, the DOB created Small Business Owner’s Night. Small Business Owner’s Night is one component in New York City’s ambitious Small Business First program designed to aid small businesses by easing their regulatory burden. Small businesses are defined as those with 100 employees or less. On Small Business Night, DOB offices remain open from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. each Tuesday. DOB experts assist small businesses with a variety of advisory services for potential new buildings or alterations, permit processes, certificates of occupancy, application statuses, violation resolutions, BIS assistance and more. The service is free and no appointment is required. Both Small Business Owner’s Night and Homeowner’s Night exist year round.

Get Back To Building

Get Back To Building is another DOB extended hours program. Get Back To Building is different in that it is aimed at building professionals, not residents and small business owners. Get Back to Building opens up all DOB offices from 5pm to 7pm on given days in the month of May. Plan examiners are available to help resolve objections and help secure applications. Appointments are required.