Can I provide one accessible unisex restroom instead of providing accessible features in both the men’s and women’s restrooms?

While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) permits the installation of a single unisex toilet room in lieu of separate facilities, the 2014 NYC Building Code and Plumbing Code are more stringent. Section 403.2 of the plumbing code requires separate facilities for each sex when the occupant load exceeds 30.


I am renovating a Condo and the owners are not disabled, do I have to comply with accessibility requirements?

In most cases the simple answer is yes, you do have to comply with the accessibility requirements of the NYC Building Code. Exception 5 of Section 28-101.4.3 of The administrative code requires all building undergoing alterations to comply with Chapter 11 of the building code for accessibility.


We are installing a new restaurant on the ground floor of an existing building. Which code should our plans follow?

For alterations of existing buildings, the building owner has the option to use the 1968 building code or earlier depending on the original construction date of the building. There are exceptions to this for certain worktypes and trades. Typically all Mechanical, Plumbing, Fire Protection, Structural, and Accessibility related work will need to comply with the 2014 while general construction and architectural work may utilize the older code as applicable.


The 1968 Building Code requires us to calculate the occupant load of a restaurant at 12 square feet per person but the 2014 code only requires 15 square feet per person. Can we use the 2014 code for this reason in an existing building?

When an applicant requests review under the 2014 NYC Building Code they are essentially stating that the entire building complies with all sections of that code. Any conditions that were designed in accordance with the 1968 Building Code, or earlier, must be updated to the new code.


Do I need an amended Certificate of Occupancy (C of O) to install a bank in an existing space that is designated as retail?

Building’s Bulletin 25 of 2009 (BB 2009-025) allows changes between occupancy group M (Mercantile or Retail) and group B (businesses) without the need to obtain a new C of O when certain conditions are met. The conditions are as follows


Our tenant is concerned about the safety of their employees and wants to install a keyfob on their entrance door. Is this permitted?

Both the 1968 and 2014 Building Code address access control devices on required egress doors. Both codes are similar in that they may require commissioner approval for such a device and have a list of additional safeguard that must be met including but not limited to: