Fall is here and you know what that means. The DOT’s Holiday Construction Embargo!

During the embargo, road and sidewalk construction is restricted on some New York streets.. Existing permits must have the permit stipulation 410 for construction to continue. There is a waiver issued by OCMC. Waiver requests must be filed between October 7th and November 11, 2016. For more information on the waiver call Outsource at (1) 212-732-0555 or email us. (more...)

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There’s so much construction in New York that simply walking around Manhattan can feel like an obstacle course. Sidewalks are strewn with construction fences, sidewalk sheds and the notorious temporary pedestrian walkways.

When construction fences protrude over the property line, contractors may be required to provide viable alternatives for pedestrians. Here are the common circumstances:

Construction fence protrudes less than 3 feet over the property line

The DOT allows the construction fence to encroach up to 3 feet over the property line without requiring contractors to provide an alternate walkway so long as there is still at least 5 feet of clear passage for pedestrians. (more...)

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Beginning in 1987, accessibility laws required all new buildings in New York to have entrances at grade. However, in an effort to improve accessibility in older buildings, the Department of Transportation allows pre-1987 buildings to construct entrance ramps extending beyond the property line under revocable consent.

Many buildings built before the 1987 law were not built at grade. The city realizes the enormous difficulty and costs in modifying existing entrances to include accessible ramps. (more...)

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New Yorkers don’t have to lock their bikes outside the office any longer. The Department of Transportation’s Bikes in Buildings program allows tenants in commercial buildings to request bicycle access for their employees.

A study conducted by the Department of City Planning cited the main reason commuters don’t bike to work was the lack of safe bicycle storage. In 2009, the DOT launched “Bikes in Buildings” to encourage commercial building owners to accommodate tenants wanting to safely store their bicycles inside the building. (more...)

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