Special Inspections

The Building Department now requires special inspectors to be responsible for reporting hazardous conditions.

Citing 1 RCNY101-06 Section (b) (9), Buildings Bulletin 2016-006 obligates special inspections agencies to report hazardous conditions and inspection discrepancies to construction teams for correction. If issues are not corrected, building owners must be informed. In the case of urgent hazards, special inspectors are expected to call 911.

Hazardous conditions encompass life safety and health issues, particularly as they relate to structural stability. (more...)

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Architects, engineers, contractors, and inspectors need to familiarize themselves with the new special inspections debuting with the 2014 Building Code that rolls out on December 31, 2014. Here are some of those new special inspections.

Structural Steel – Details  BC – 1704.3.2

This special inspection isn’t new as much as it makes the periodic inspection of certain steel frame joint details mandatory. These details include bracing, stiffening, placement, and connection application. (more...)

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