Manhattan is built to the sky with steel, concrete and glass, but a growing trend threatens to transform the composition of the famous horizon. Emboldened by the burgeoning prefabricated wood engineering process called mass timber, architects are beginning to envision the wooden high-rise. But will the Building Code oblige?

Mass timber is a process of making structural panels from glued together wood slabs. The process of crisscrossing slabs in sandwiched layers is called cross-laminated timber (CLT). (more...)

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New York’s Landmarks Preservation Commission released a citywide interactive Landmark map called Discover Landmarks NYC. The map highlights all landmarked buildings and districts in New York. Each building or district is clickable, providing an image and brief description. It’s a fun map that aims to educate locals and tourists about the architectural heritage of New York.

Here are the different types of landmarks you can find on the map:

Interior Landmarks are buildings where the interior of a building is landmarked. (more...)

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